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Custom tailor your event
A web-based registration system
Together with our partner Trippus Event Solutions, we at Connecticum Competance, can offer you an web-based and customized registration system tailored to fit each new arrangement.
Via a link from the Trippus website to the registration page in the booking system, participants will find all the necessary information about the event and may register tindexselves to an activity. This makes it much easier and above all very efficient for everyone, both participants and organizers.
In the administration part of the system, the project manager can easily produce reports continuously in real time as well as easily communicate with participants by e-mail and SMS-messages.
As an organizer, you can also choose automatic billing and / or credit card payment, as these pay services are integrated in the system.
The various modules online in Trippus Eventus include:
  • Website for the event
  • Publication of information
  • Registration
  • Transport booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Activity booking
  • Booth booking
  • Seminar booking
  • Entry system
  • Name tags
  • Payment service
  • SMS and other mobile services
  • Follow-up surveys
  • Reports and statistics